Sunday, October 31, 2010

Listen to Gilles Peterson

I was talking to someone yesterday, and when they said all they hear on the radio was bubblegum pop I paused to think about the last time I had really listened to the airwaves. I can't remember, but I do know that I've tuned into the BBC online for a show hosted by this guy Gilles Peterson.

A few years ago I didn't miss one of his shows, and those hours listening are a huge factor on my ears today. Gilles has been an international DJ for years, while he is definetly a radio DJ his knowledge, crates and insatiable appetite for new music has kept him at the forefront of forward thinking music explorers. The above song, a Roy Haynes tune called "Quiet Fire" was selected by him for the BBE comp The Kings of Jazz, couldn't of woke up to a better song this morning.

Gilles show on the BBC is called Worldwide, you can catch it Wednesday mornings from 2-4 AM. Recently he has hosted DJ Shadow, in a show where they both break out vinyl and discuss music like only two seasoned diggers can. Kon & Amir also made a recent visit. Don't worry too much about when it's live, you can listen to the most recent show for a week, and if you want to hear archived ones check this out!

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