Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I've recently become slightly obsessed with OFWGKTA or Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All. They are young cats around 10 deep creating a signifigant buzz through personality and volume of material. In the last couple years they have released 10+ projects, most with orginal production and zero support from the "big hip hop blogs". I don't understand all of their slang (Why they gotta say Fuck Steve Harvey all the time), I don't understand their videos (which are cringe worthy), and I don't understand why Sweatshirt is in trouble (I can guess though). Nevertheless I am very excited by their brand of in your face, all or nothing, with us or against us, insanity.

Here are some flicks from the crew:

Earl Sweatshirt is very talented for his age, anyones age for that matter. He isn't even a legal adult and he is out rapping half of the mainstream right now which has got him some notice from the mag Rolling Stone. This vid gives you a little insight into his personality.

Tyler, the Creator is the defacto front man of the Odd Future crew, he is the oldest, he does much of the production, and he is brutal in his wordplay. When I first saw this vid the first thing out of my mouth was "Why is he doing that with his eyes". The opening line resonates is a very Rossian manner, the bass knocks hard and he is off on a lyrical sprint filling everybar with outlandish verbiage. His laugh after saying he is gonna fuck Mary in her ass, and the rape of Goldilocks and eating all the bears' motherfucking porridge slays me everytime. Tyler is very savvy and knows exactly what he is doing or at least I hope he does.

I am very interested in seeing where these kids go, and based on the Rolling Stone and Pitchfork coverage it could be far. I hope they make it to Seattle once Earl is of age so we can see them tear up a stage the way only people who don't give a fuck know how to.

Free Earl!


  1. Big ups Rob! I'm glad that you posted about these kids.

  2. Earl got sent to bootcamp by moms after his latest mixtape. "fuck Steve Harvey" came from the fact that he looks like Earl, and not the other way around. OFWGKTA, these kids are the new punk rock