Saturday, October 9, 2010

Good Morning w/ Peanut Butter Wolf

Yesterday afternoon Stones Throw founder and vinyl junkie extraordinaire took to the LA Times music blog Pop & Hiss to promote Sunday's marathon 10 DJ show where all involved will kill with strictly the choicest of 45's.

In typical digger fashion, PB Wolf went out this past week and excavated a few gems from LA area record stores. This mix is the result. For those of us here in Seattle, or anywhere but the City of Angeles this weekend take solace in the fact that you can press repeat all you want on this mix. I'll warn you it contains nothing to be expected. Thanks to Jeff Weiss for the track list:

1. Take Down Your Fences - Dave Goodman & Friends (The Label, 1978)
2. Always On The Horizon- Mitch Cooper (Prismic, 1986)
3. We Have Fed You All For A Thousand Years- Prairie Fire (One Spark Music,
4. I Know- Tom Browne (GRP 1981)
5. Safety Is A Cootie Wootie- The Residents (Ralph, 1984)
6. Dancin¹ and Prancin¹-The Brothers Johnson (A & M, 1976)
7. Wigs On The Green- Princess Tinymeat (Rough Trade, 1985)
8. Komakino - Joy Division (Vox Pop 1988)
9. Robot Woman- Bronner Brothers (Neighbor, 1984)
10. New Wipeout- Vex Ruffin and the lo-fi Jerkheads (Black Gladiator, 2010)

Speaking of 45s, rumor has it a Jet Set before the end of the month is going to have a star studded 45 night itself. You know where to watch for more details.

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