Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rah Digga "Classic"

At a time when the female emcee presence is at an all time low (on a national level) one of the favored voices from over a decade ago has finally released a proper follow up to her debut disc Dirty Harriet. Rah Digga experienced the worst the music industry had to offer and has been out of the light for a long time. But that doesn’t mean her skills declined.

Last Thursday I heard some commentary from the people on the streets talking about female emcees, one voice went so far as to say women can’t rap. This inspired me to ask about this album, Classic. It seemed to be viewed with some consideration by those there but the conversation quickly turned to Boog Brown.

The last time Rah Digga released an album the internet was just becoming an issue on sales and she had about 4 other key female competitors: Eve, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown and Missy Elliott. I’m not sure if any of the have anything on the horizon, I don’t remember the most recent project from any of them. While they all faded away over worse and worse tunes Digga hit us with one record that was received well - I’ve heard it once or twice back in the day, can’t comment to it’s listenability. Then she all but disappeared.

Now back and sharper than ever over 10 Nottz bangers we have Classic. On the intro cut "The Book Of Rashia" an ominous voice says she has been writing for 10 winters. Lyrically she says it best herself “I’m a rappers rapper.” Few emcees truly capture the art of it. Throughout this album Digga spits so many words, she flips her style up, she tells stories, she delivers a message and more. She isn’t spitting some sex raps, nor does she ever try to capture a “mainstream” audience. She is straight spittin and it sounds great.

Nottz beats are some thumpers. An assortment of sounds are found, but crunchy synths and hard drums are pretty much a constant. Enough grime to let Digga rep for her Brick City heritage. While it may not be enough to make up for a ten year absence she certainly has jump started a career that a month ago anyone could have said was over and I wouldn’t have disagreed. Here’s hoping we get another disc in ten months or less.

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  1. Yay! I have "Dirty Harriet" and wondered what happened to Rah Digga