Monday, October 4, 2010

Freddie Joachim "A.M."

Taking a page from rappers today, San Diego based beatmaker Freddie Joachim has been flooding the Internet with an assortment of releases. Coming across him on Bandcamp (yes this is another Bandcamp entry, watch Friday for the interview to drop with dude!) and a few blogs I first downloaded his tape A.M. which at only 7 tracks had me replaying it for hours.

Joachim is great at capturing a mood. Perhaps it’s an endless cycle, whatever he names the project your preconceived notions will influence how you feel the music. I don’t think the tunes here would fit if he had named the collection “Summer Jams.” Over an assortment of drums and samples Freddie crafts the perfect morning music. I’ve been playing this in the morning for the last couple weeks and it never sounds old upon waking up!

While researching the guy to send off questions I also discovered a few other releases. He has two shorter, five track mini albums - Nights Alone and Dust. Dust evokes a feeling of dusk to me, all the tracks are a little more subdued then what you find on A.M. and vocal samples are more present. “From Yesterday” features some great chops on vocals throughout the song. Joachim has an ear for great sounds to flip. His drums are never alike, yet always raw and hard. He gets his sound crisp.

Nights Alone was the final project I really wanted to touch on here. This project may be the most full of emotion, and I guess with a name like that it’s only right. Here he once again sets a mood quite well. Choosing some awesome vibes to play over the crunchy drums on the opening track “Silent” sends you down a path of contemplation and realization. We’ve all had those nights we stay up late, perhaps it was because we were having a good time but maybe it’s because their just isn’t anyone else in that moment in time to listen. So listen to this and let the music hold you.

Freddie Joachim has been at this art for over 10 years now and throughout these (and other projects of his - find his Olive Juice Love Remixes Vol. 1 for some awesome vocalists over his own tracks) different albums of his I’ve listened to I’ve heard a continuity to his style. While he trades themes and certainly makes unique tracks I believe you can squarely associate his songs with the man, a trait that generally is reserved for only the legend's in this game.

Give A.M. a listen below and bounce over to Joachim's bandcamp site to hear and download more! If you like dude support and cop his full length offering Midway.

<a href="">A.M. by Freddie Joachim</a>

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