Monday, November 1, 2010

Young Montana? "Scarce Leaks"

Finding new music has never been so exciting in my eyes. While I continue to find new kids making music via bandcamp, and other viral outlets I can’t forget the journey I’ve taken to hear whatever it is in my ears at that moment. Young Montana? has been getting spins from me for a lilttle while and shares a geographic similarity with some of the other electronic knob twisters and button pressers I’m playing loud as fuck as of late.

Young Montana? is a 19 year old from West Midlands in England. You may remember the BTS mix from dude I posted not to long ago and that is just another great example of what is music is and how he is condensing muiltiple styles into some of his own funkiness. He chops up vocals, throws stuttering synths, brings in heavy bass and throws that out in exchange for happy keys. While listening to the tune “F.F.F.F.” you will repeatedly look at you iTunes thinking it’s on shuffle and you’ve just heard yet another new song. You haven’t, Young Montana? just likes to keep it moving.

Elsewhere in this little collection of tunes is a remix he did for Fader that features him “remixing” Miley Cyrus to hilarious and awesome results. Montana doesn’t take himself too seriuos and you can tell he is till discovering where he wants to take his sound. “Scare Cool” is the song with the most fittin name, as the tune just excudes coolness via a beat that sounds like floating in the clouds. I want to hear Wiz spit to this.

While Young Montana?’s bandcamp page appears to be no more, I’ve asked what the story is but so far no response, the three songs he dropped on the site in the last few months don’t do anything to think that Daddy Kev was wrong in choosing this young Enghlishman to join the ranks of his Alpha Pup stable. Young Montana shows that the Low End Theory set is right up his alley.

“Hot Heathrr” is another one of his epic journeys of a tune that twists, turns and finally grooves you into submission. “Twenty3Skidoo” is probably the most Hip Hop of the cuts here featuring more recognizable sounds as samples. The whole track is anchored by some keys which start off in a normal chord progression before getting out of sync in a beautiful way with the rest of the beat. He brings in this womans vocal snippet that catches your attention always, the drums aren’t hard but their off kilter rhythm is something Dilla fans will feel before they realize the influence.

These six songs show an awesome talent just getting started. So many people right now are making tracks, throwing them online and just hopping somoneone somewhere hears them. Young Montana? has been heard over seas, he’s captured the attention of highly sought after individuals within a few scenes that remain at the fore of progressive music ideas. These songs have me excited for a future with more tunes that twist genre definitions and inspire people to think outside of the box.

Download the tracks here.

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