Tuesday, October 12, 2010

State of the Artist ft. Champagne Champagne "What You Asked For"

SOTA isn't slowing down one bit! With a free show popping off Thursday at Chop Suey with Mad Rad we all figured it was about time to give the people a third jam off Seattlecalifragalisticextrahelladopeness.

<a href="http://stateoftheartist.bandcamp.com/track/what-you-asked-for-ft-champagne-champagne">What You Asked For ft. Champagne Champagne by State Of The Artist</a>

Made in the middle of the recording process, this was the only song off the album I was in the studio to watch be made. Over a stellar beat from the LA based Ski Team SOTA and the Champagne gang let loose of some emotions about the weight of being honest with their fans and the effects it has.

Pearl had come through the lab days earlier and dropped his verse via his typical improvised writing in his head. I was walking up to Slap, Crackle and Pop just as Sir Thomas Grey did - you know we quickly got to blowing. TH were already chillin on the couch, Parker dropped the beat which Thomas had only heard Pearl speak on. A smirk came to his face as the wheels started creating.

One of my favorite observations from being there that day was seeing everyone's method of writing. Parker wrote in his phone, TH wrote on his laptop and Thomas relied on the old technology of pad and pen. Hyphen8d laid his verse down during another session.

Us at MO were hype on the track from jump. We all love Champagne Champagne and they gave us stellar verses once again. We didn't really know how Gajamagic was going to invovle himself in the collaboration but he asked for the song so we sent it along. What we got back blew our minds. Hearing his "solo" kick in at the start of Thomas' verse had us all with dropped jaws. The journey still wasn't complete.

One voice that hasn't gotten near enough public credit, engineer's never do, is the big homie Sebino in LA. Some may know him as D Mello. Mixing and mastering wasn't enough for them man, he used his own techniques and placed his production flourishes throughout the album. On "What You Asked For" he out did himself manipulating sounds and adding effects brilliantly. Gajamagic gave him a lot to work with and the result is stunning. Big ups to Sebino, Champange Champagne and of course them SOTA boys!

Download the track!


  1. This was my favorite track off SeaCal. Thomas Gray's verse is one of the sickest things I've ever heard. I love reading about the work that went into it.

  2. Thanks for checking it out and commenting! Glad you dig the music, there will be more behind the scenes such features in the future.

    Just peeped your site The Upper Left, hit me with your contact info and I'll be sure to get you new tracks when we release things!

  3. One of these days I'm going to actually start writing on there haha. School's going to have to get off my ass first though. Email for the site is upperleftmusic@gmail.com.

    I just recently ran across The Musik Lounge. One of the best sites I've found in a while, especially the interviews. I'm trying to go back through and read them all when I have time.