Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Luck One "True Theory Outtakes"

I love listening to Luck One discuss his beat selection process. He has to be the pickest rapper ever when it comes to what he wants. It shows. Last year he impressed all with his debut EP Beautiful Music. Entirely produced by Dekk he showed a depth that most emcees lack and a tongue that's been trained to spit darts with the best.

As he prepares the world for his debut full length album True Theory, he first must hit us with one more free EP. True Theory Outtakes makes you wonder about the album, but it should also make you think about the artist. Across seven songs Luck selects seven different producers and crafts unique tracks that will have you coming back and considering their weight well into repeated listening.

On “Move On” Gen. Erik and Mic Crenshaw join Luck over haunting pianos, HARD drums and strings that you may not even notice until the first several bars of Luck’s verse when he drops the drums out and spits over just keys and strings. It’s beautiful and his words fall with the same weight the drums did.

The lead single closes the record out, “More” is an awesome celebration that is bound to make you feel good. Throughout Luck’s music resides a theme of embracing potential. He has embraced the struggle and he is making urgent music for anyone going through life. Positive, thought provoking, ill Hip Hop music

“Ribbon” shows a different side of Luck, but it’s a good touch, distracts from an otherwise heavy album. The beat features some great dusty drums that change their pattern through the song to great results. Through the verse Luck pulls no punches about what he needs from a woman before the understanding that he can’t rush to his desires for it to be right.

We will all have more than enough to sink our heads into with these seven tracks, we should have no need for True Theory anytime soon. Just marinate on this here. Not only do they make me nod my head repeatedly they make me learn and prompt me to think about what it was that made me fall in love with this music. This record is dope. Download it here.

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