Friday, October 15, 2010

1982: A conversation with Statik Selektah

Termanology and Statik Selektah came into the world in 1982 and both developed a love for Hip Hop. Their careers developed on their own but the connection never faltered. As Term climbed the ranks as an east coast emcee worth watching via sharp punchlines and vivid depictions of the ills society has to offer. Statik was busy impressing everyone with his monstrous beats that bring back to mind the days of old when NYC ran this rap game and boom bap was the name of the game.

Statik dropped his third solo album, 100 Proof: The Hangover, full of his production with verses from a who is who of the rap biz. Term makes a few appearances and has stayed on his mixtape hustle since the release of his debut album Politics as Usual. The time was finally right for them to do a collaborative project. But when you have history like these two, a love for the culture and skills to back it up you don't just throw something together. You join as one, they call it 1982.

I chatted with Statik Selektah this morning about the music, their history and some other things, check it.

Tell me about the album?
It’s about me and Term’s chemistry. We got an all star line up, but we wanted to take it back to what we grew up on, Black Moon, EPMD, dynamic duos of a producer and emcee.

When did you two meet for the first time?
1997 or 1998 north of Boston, 16 or 17 years old. I was DJin at a club Term would come rock the open mic, battling anyone.

So from the jump you two were collaborating on music?
We were just kids enjoying it. I started to take production more seriously, he started to do his thing rapping.

Term has said he feels Hip Hop is in desperate need for an album like this. What do you think he was getting at?
It comes together as one album, a whole vibe. Just bringing back that classic sound. That’s what i think he means.

You two have been playing a lot of dates building up to the release is there plans for a nation wide tour after the album drops featuring you two together?
Well we are kinda on one right now, we’ve been playing dates. And we'll be playing a few shows in New York, and hitting Salt Lake City, LA and Boston.

Tell me about the new mixtape series?
Taking it back to the streets. I’m partnering with a guy who gets all the dealers on the streets. But you go down the block and you don’t see any of the independent stuff. No Skyzoo’s, 1982’s, etc. I’m gonna bring the independent hip hop back to the streets. But mix it with the mainstream stuff.

Shopping a lot of beats?
I’m looking at probably about 40 songs in the next 6 months. Sheek Louch, Nore, Styles, Consequence, Evidence, Nas.

How did you hook up with Nas?
I DJ’d for him in Hawaii. I played him stuff and he picked the beat in the first 10 seconds. I don’t know what he’ll be putting out first, I got a couple with him.

Are you going out and digging some still?
Yeah I try. Don’t have a lot of time. Sunday afternoons. I’m pretty close to the LES so i can hit A1, Sound Library, check things out.

Got another solo record lined up for 2011?
Yeah. It’ll be all new cats. Freddie Gibbs. Mac Miller.

So you are watching the blog rappers?
Yeah, I’m always looking for the new cats. I was the first one to put Mac Miller out there putting him on the radio show.

What’s you favorite restaurant in Boston?
It always changes. Bill and Bobs roast beef, they make the best roast beef sandwich.

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