Friday, October 1, 2010

GOOD Fridays?

Kanye West stays on peoples minds. He has certainly made himself the biggest pop star our era has seen. Hated and loved. Recently he started dropping free songs every Friday. All but one have been collaborations, most posse cuts with a wide assortment of talent. He said (via twitter) he was punishing us for leaks from his album and not delivering a new song today, then early today he got back on the social networking site saying he was trying to get one together.

While the songs vary in quality, and repeat listening isn’t really a must for any of them they show a person of Kanye’s stature doing something you expect to see from a young up and comer. Not a multi platinum world superstar. To me the good Friday leaks show us a side to Kanye that the haters should eat up. He is putting himself out there, this music is vulnerable. It’s raw, straight out the lab. Not the glossy, hand wrapped productions we receive when he delivers an album. He has four engineers working on the new record, I don’t think any but maybe “Power” here has seen that kind of attention.

Whether we get another good Friday today, or next week, or we just don’t we have 7 songs that there is no reason we should have. Hard drive obscurity is almost certainly where most of these were destined to end up, so take the free music, and let the man do his thing so he can be sensitive about a completed project.

Download the good Friday jams here.

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