Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starlito Loves You

In March I got hip to a guy named Starlito aka All Star, I wrote about his then new tape at the time - read it here. Renaissance Gangster will not be forgotten anytime soon, it's certain to be on my top 10 list for the year. But right now I'm here to drop another tape on you from the man. If you have been able to lay off the Peanut Butter crack or it wasn't your cup of tea here's a nice alternative. It too can prove to be good atmospherics for your weekend, if your days off consist of smoking the finest of ganja's and rolling it in tobacco leaves. Haha. I'm just playing, Startlito is much more accessible than that!

Hailing from Nashville, this one time Cash Money signee raps with a distinct southern drawl spitting slow and precise. He is very clever, often making me laugh. Just as often he provokes some deep thought. He disguises intelligence under a veil of gangster swagger. This isn't to say he hasn't been influenced by his surroundings. On the contrary it seems that he is taking the Nas route a step further having participated in some things and now advising those like him how to avoid the trap.

I was gonna write some more, but it's Star's music I'm trying to convince you on. I let him tell you how it is:
I'm a bad muthafucka by design
And by the dollar sign I will go Columbine
I apologize no cause I'm not a mime
A lot of times my rhymes make me seem out my mind
I gotta get out and get it that's right I gotta grind
Gotta problem with you must don't got a problem damn
I'm such a gangsta that I don't do dirt in front of people
So like my bitch when your alone I might just come to see you
I fill my tank with unleaded and my lungs with diesel
Eleven times out of ten I'm doin something illegal
Wake up to breakfast and a blunt and for lunch that's equal
I follow Kingdom Come I used to bump the prelude
Niggas beats is bangin but their lyrics still don't do it
Stuck on stupid we're stuck on singing
Is that artistic or audio autism what world do yall live in
The music I vibe to isn't all rhythm
Isn't it all sing and dance
I'm sorry children
Yall keep buying into it yall trippin
I got so cold from being left in the cold i'm frostbitten
Luckily I ball space jam Jordans like I'm takin some time off pippen
Pissing you off faster than a over active bladder
I'm just a hustler turned over active rapper
We decided to say fuck you when you thought you mattered
So I went back to pitchin 8 balls like I walked two batters
I caught you thought this all for rappers
Recycling my shit in such awkward patterns
please stop it... I beg of you...
you know you get kicked out of school for plagarism
Yeah. He makes it sound effortless. Download the damn tape, Live From the Back of the Class!

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