Friday, October 29, 2010

Domo Genesis "Kickin It" (Fan Video)

Domo Genesis - Kickin It from Ska Azaro on Vimeo.

I'm fully on the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All skateboard . While they are gaining some Internet praise nationally and got heads talking their name around town they are still just at the beginning of something.

I gave Domo's album Rolling Papers a spin today walking to work. It's pretty awesome. It's also the first album from the crew I've listened to in it's entirety. This track stands out with it's reversed beat and Domo's stoned flow. They posted this fan video up on their site and had this to say:
Some Fanmade Video For Domo Genesis ”Kickin It” From his Rolling Papers Project. Produced By Tyler Creator. We Rarely Post Shit Like This, But The Video Fits The Mood of The Song So Well, We Had To Give Respect To The Person Who Put These Clips Together.
It's not like any of the videos Tyler himself has done, but it's pretty spooky in it's own way. What is going on with that clock? It's some highed up shit for sure. Fuck with it, and Kill Them All.

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