Thursday, December 2, 2010

Currensy "Pilot Talk 2"

If there is one thing that has been proven about Currensy throughout his career it is that he stays in the lab, I wonder if this is a trait he gained from or passed to Wayne? Regardless of where his hustle came from, the major label machine hasn’t slowed it any. Partially due to the isolation Dame has given himself and his new crew, it seems Currensy, Ski, and the rest of the DD172 crew can do everything in house and just hand deliver a final project. Just before Thanksgiving the jets flew in a gift in the form of the latest installment of Spitta’s Pilot Talk series.

At this point you probably know whether you like Currensy or not. You know that I wasn’t a fan and have been won over by his growth in more recent years. One thing that always bugged me throughout his discography was his inconsistency with projects. That proves to not be the case here and while I don’t know how long he can maintain this level of quality and quantity I’ll take it for as along as he delivers.

Ski has resurrected himself with the Dojo and the Senseis, they are utilizing skilled musicians and making dope music that flows and grooves. Hiphop growing up. Thinking back to the beats of Ski’s over the years Currensy chose to spit on, it’s an awesome completion of the circle to see them now making the best music of their careers. Even when Ski isn’t behind the boards their are some great turns here from Monsta Beatz who continues to show off why they were the first to grace Currensy with an album full of tunes. He may working in NY but he doesn’t forget the NO. Nesby Phips has a track to that once again impresses, no verse this time though.

The guests are kept tighter here, seeing only one outside face in the form of a typically zoned out Chef Raekwon verse on the “Michael Knight” remix. He and Dom Kennedy reunite for the cool west coast affair “Real Estates”. Then it’s the Jets for a pair of tracks that both only show off their chemistry and pairing as a stellar trifecta of stoned talent. McKenzie Eddy sings the hook on “Silence” to ok results. The song has one of the weaker beats which is what’s detracting from my experience, on the vocals I’m not mad at her. I’m curious if Currensy put her on or how she found her way into the session, the pairing feels a bit forced.

The other guest comes from his Flying Iron partner Fiend. This has been one of the cooler developments of Currensy’s fame. No Limit was pretty much fading into obscurity as I was just coming into rap but I remember his voice from a few tracks here and there from those days. Hearing these two together has been nothing but magic and the Drupey beat for “O.G. (The Jam)” is the best one turned in here. Fiend’s flow is lazy in an awesome way, his accent only adds to the voice and I he is obviously invigorated by new opportunities suddenly at his door.

Since it’s release I’ve heard a lot of comparisons and complaints about this as a follow up to the first. I love the first, it’s my favorite record of 2010. But this one isn’t anything to be disappointed in. It plays almost as smoothly, with the replay value still at an absurdly high level. What should we expect from number 3?

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