Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Currensy "Pilot Talk"

Those that know me could tell you why I like Currensy. I can tell you that his music relaxes me. I love his lack of seriousness. It’s not a I don’t give a fuck, it’s more like he just isn’t concerned with the bullshit in life. On the song “Seat Change” he repeats the refrain “She just want to ride with a G” - it’s this carefree attitude that permeates Currensy’s lyrics along with his choice of musical backings courtesy of mostly Ski Beatz that makes Pilot Talk an album that will make you smile, nod your head and worry about the little things in life.

Pilot Talk dropped in the middle of the summer and was full of sounds perfect for smoking and riding, backyard barbeque's or the headphones. Ski cooked up music that is in a groove no one else is touching. It’s more live than most producers fuck with, it’s invigorating at times, humble and concerned at others. Regardless of the tracks tone, Currensy knows what to do at every turn always holding his own and demonstrating his worth as an emcee for good.

His cleverness that was hinted at throughout the mixtape grind is on full display here. His verbal dexterity is in a league all its own and his imagination is classic. While he can get abstract with the best of them, he doesn’t spend his life in the clouds all the time. He closes the album out with a great analysis of how people watch those with fame. Only someone who’s been through the regimes he has could speak on this with such accuracy, and few would approach it with as much honesty.

Nesby Phips produced one of the only non Ski tracks here and he also joins Spitta with a guest verse. “Piroritze (Beeper Bill)” is another slightly more serious tune addressing peoples inability to pay bills and yet blowing money on nonsense. Not your typical rap philosophy.

But by and large Currensy is a relaxed dude who likes to enjoy life. He raps a lot about weed of course, so much so that it doesn’t even have to be mentioned and yet it’s there. The smoke just bleeds out his verses. The aforementioned “Seat Change” is all about Currensy winning over ladies nonchalantly and it’s a perfect place for Snoop to slide in with a guest verse. Luckily he doesn't waste too much time of these tales, just enough to let the guys he know he hasn't lost his touch.

The guest emcees are abundant on Pilot Talk but don’t ever detract from Currensy’s demeanor. Next to Snoop and Devin he stands tall. “Chilled Coughpee” is one of the dopest Ski produtions here and Spitta & The Dude sound meant to rhyme together. Perhaps it’s the southern chemistry. His parts in the Jets ride with him on the smoothed out smoking gem “Roasted” and just begs for a Jets album. Stalley shows up for maybe my favorite track here in “Address” that always gave me some odd comfort whenever it played during the last year.

With Pilot Talk Currensy and Ski hit a chord together that hasn’t been seen in a producer emcee pairing in quite some time. The pothead aesthetic Wiz and Spitta have been championing has found it’s musical counterpart in Ski’s brand of live production. Wiz has been on a path for larger things for awhile now, Currensy seems to be a little more down to earth and always in his own lane. Pilot Talk establishes his lane as one not influenced by any other sounds today.

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