Friday, December 10, 2010

One Time @ Bandcamp With... Poetik Force

The bandcamp discoveries keep flowing here at the MO HQ. On Monday I dropped off the funky and blunted debut album from Poetik Force called The Mary Jane Project - read the review here. As a young new voice emerging out of LA he isn't hopping on the coat tails of anyone, just steady doing his own thing with his team. Breath some fresh air and read up on who this kid is.

Introduce yourself? Who is Poetik Force? How long have you been making music?
Peace Peace. This is Poetik Force, Reppen from The COV 626 "The Cov' Originals"
I been Making Music for about 4 years going onto 5 now. Its been a bleesing creating music for the globe and for our fans.

Where did you grow up? How old are you?
I grew Up in West Covina, California, Beautiful West Coast. Im 21 Years old with a Mastermind, and a successful future.

What inspired you to make music? Was rapping your first attempt?
Everything Inspires me to Make Music, and everything from my past inspired me to make music. Mainly for myself and to get up out of the streets. Before Rap I was into Graffiti Art, thats when i studied Hip-Hop Music and all of Her Roots. And Realized this is what i wanted to do forever.

Who did you grow up listening to? Who are you listening to today?
I grew up listening to alot of different elements of music in tha 90's. From Punk Rock. to Reggae, To classic Rock, and Hip-Hop. I looked at music as a way of life, so i did a lot of listening. Today i' am listening to everything from The Beatles To Curren$y, from Jazz to Nas, from Bob Marley to Jay-Z, from Erykah Badu to Kanye West, etc. To much to Name um all, but theres alot in my books.

What producers are you working with?
I am working with alot of producers right now; Jansport J. Josh G, Spok Beats from Chamber Records, Kaleem "Sincere" Wasif, Salute Tha Gawd from 92Fam. Its been a Blessings to work with Producers like them, They all are way to ILL!!

Do you have a day job?
FUCK A DAY JOB!!!!!!!!!

You put Ms. Botwin on your CD cover, Weeds fans or was it more about the theme of the tape?
Yes my album cover is something unique. Shoutouts to PhillMatic for doing my cover art, and tha idea of havin her on my album cover. im not really a "Weeds" show fan, dont watch much T.V, so it was more about the theme of my Record! (metaphorically)

What is your preferred method to smoke? Favorite chronic strain?
I really dont have a preferred method to smoke, i mainly be rolling blunts all the damn time but, im a universal weed smoker, so anything is good. but my Favorite Chronic Strain, or i should say Kush Strain, would have to be AK-47 or some OG! or some Chronic shake, we in a recession so sometimes it may get expensive!! hahahah

What is the connection between you guys and blakface?
My Connection with "BlakFace" is family! No other words to explain that! They my mathafuken ride or die brothers! Word. They are my Executive Producers by the way on "The MaryJane Project" so its always something special when im with BlakFace. I wouldn't be the artist who I am today with out Funk Logik and Kaleem "Sincere" Wasif!

You familiar with any modern Hip Hop coming out of Seattle?
I'm not really up to date with the modern Hip Hop movement in Seattle right now. I'm definitely shure there some great artist coming out!!

What is in the works right now for Poetik Force?
Im working on a few things right now before the year comes to an end. I'm shooting a couple music videos from "The MaryJane Project" so definitely look our for that. I'm also working on a lil branch on the side of The Cov Originals called "THE ELEVATORS" which include, Myself, BlakFace and Sean Wyze. We are droppin a EP this December and will be droppin a LP early next year 2011!! Keep ya eyes and ears open for that. its going to be something EPIC!!

Any last words? Words of wisdom? Advice? Shout outs?
Last Call! Toast for a new beginning to Hip-Hop. Shoutouts to my whole Team on the Rize - BlakFace, SeanWyze, Hawdwerk, Jansport J, Keon Supreme, Avi The Most Ill, DKing! Knowledge is Self Determination, Follow Your Dreams and Never Give Up "One Team One Dream" ..... "PEACE ONE LOVE"

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