Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spaceman & Xperience "Yuk The Police

Bean let this go on twitter today, it was actually out for a bit on YukTheWorld - Posts along with a few other jams produced by the man.

Spaceman has impressed me regularly via guest verses but his solo work has been equally disappointing. This track shows him in good form addressing shady police antics and expressing how he feels about those who wield a badge. Space wins with his charisma if he can maintain this level of content he has proven he has no problem flexing the English language.

I'm guessing XP is handling the hook here before rocking the rhymes on verse two. His vocals have always impressed, but his verse here feels lazy. There is no urgency to it which the beat seems to beg for. With drums heavy and a sprinkling of high note synth keys along with some bass that would get James Jamerson grooving, Bean threw in some siren sound effects and seals the feel for this tune. What happened to serve and protect?

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