Thursday, December 2, 2010

LHF "Fact Mix #178"

I had just begun digging into Fact Mag at the end of '09 and in 2010 it was one of my go to sites. Myself and others have sung the praise of their mix series which is now beyond 200 volumes deep featuring way to many individuals to name. LHF have been making waves in the underground dubstep world for a few years now releasing tunes strictly via radio shows and podcasts. This year saw them team with pitchfork contributor Martin Clark's Keysound label to drop Enter The Silence.

For their go with Fact they dove into their rumored archives of over 1000 tracks and hit you over the head with deep bass, smooth rhythms and awesome atmospherics. It's awesome for late night highed up listening.

Sometimes you just get lost in your head with some heavy grooves spinning.

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