Thursday, December 16, 2010

G-Side & Huntsville Alabama

In 2008 I graduated college, lost my job and made the decsion to move back to Oregon. Staying in OR didn't last but moving did for quite some time but through all my travels the only album that I consciously made sure to always have with me came out of Huntsville Alabama by a group called G-Side. That album was called Starships & Rocketz, download it here.

Since then their profile has only risen, although not as fast as another AL representing artist who does a quick few bars at the end of this video repping for their state college football team.

I hadn't paid them much attention of late and this morning I came across an awesome article by Jon Kriby who contributes to Wax Poetics among other magazines. This article was done for Oxford American, a well regarded publication focused on exposing American South culture via "the very best in Southern writing."

Read the Oxford American feature on G-Side here. Peruse some more videos below.

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