Sunday, December 12, 2010

MO Podcast Vol. 2

Back in October I dropped volume one of the MO podcast series and this Sunday was shaping up to be a slow day so with a few cuts ringing through my head I decided it was time for round two! I downloaded the new tape from 9th's female protege Rapsody which hasn't caught me like projects from her group Kooley High but the tune "U Sparklin" is pretty smooth and certainly reminds me of something older. Paul White is a dope London MPC beater and his flip of "Relax (Just Do It)" is pretty much the funkiest thing to not blow up on the blogs all year. #Fail. Fela's son Femi dropped a project and while I'd never heard "Bad Government" before it felt right given our current state of affairs. Geo aka Prometheus Brown joins Illecism and DLRN for "Reset" a funky guitar groove with some hard drums and a cool vocal sample in the back ground. Nacho Picasso from the Seattle representing Cloud Nice clan, Russian beat mastro Pavel Dovgal are also in the mix.

It's the holidays why not give something away? Here is the deal, the first person to drop in the comment box which track in this mix was produced by SEA beatsmith Bean One will get a copy of SeattleCaliFragalisticExtrahelladopeness from SOTA!

Download MO Podcast Vol. 2 here.

Rapsody “U Sparklin”
Femi Kuti “Bad Government”
Focus... ft. Bishop Lamont & Busta Rhymes “Shine”
Public Enemy “Shut Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)”
Paul White “Goes To Hollywood”
Jinesis “Pop Tune”
DLRN ft. Prometheus Brown & Illecism “Reset”
Nacho Picasso “Gone Til November (Be Right Back)”
Pavel Dovgal ft. Fancy Mike “LA”
Living Legends “Even Though”

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