Thursday, November 25, 2010

Currensy "This Ain't No Mixtape"

After all the free projects, label bouncing and history with an assortment of successful rappers Currensy stepped out on his own to do his own thing. It paid off. In 2009, months after his free monthly mixtape series ended he partnered with Amalgam Digital and released the aptly titled This Ain’t No Mixtape.

Deciding not to wait for another major to come scoop him up, Spitta hooked up with Monsta Beatz and cooked up nineteen tracks. If you enjoyed any of the mixtapes, or have been rocking with the guy just recently over his Ski jams, you will probably nod your head to these cuts too.

Lyrically Currensy is sticking to his script, talking about his fly life. His life around rappers, skaters, and other assorted cats who play for a living have rubbed off on him and his experiences. Ladies, weed, skateboarding, shopping, clubbin, and cruising is all covered here much in the same way they were throughout the mixtapes. Either you like how Currensy puts his thoughts across a beat or you don’t.

On the topic of flow, he is sounding as good as ever here. Unsurprising given it is his offical debut, even if it’s only available digitally. For an inaugural album it doesn’t hold a lot of the inexperience an artists first solo album can, thanks to his mixtape grind Currensy already has perfected his art.

Monsta Beatz shows himself to be quite the accomplished producer covering a lot of ground with his productions here. For the first time Currensy handles and entire record over original beats. It’s a great thing and giving the reigns to a singular partner was a great idea. I’m surprised Monsta Beatz hasn’t done more work since this record. He shows a knack for great drum programming, varied samples and some sprinklings of live instruments. The beats can sound like Mannie Fresh to J. Rawls yet none feel out of place.

Just like his ear on the mixtapes, Currensy selected beats he knew he would fit well and over and over again he rides these beats with a kind of precision we had yet to hear from him. At times it feels a little stiff, like he is trying to hard but sometimes I think he must of been smoking in the booth as you can almost hear him mellow out by the end of some verses.

After my overall disappointment in the majority of the mixtapes, it’s great to hear the album not disappoint. By now I know what Currensy is gonna rap about and I’m more concerned with enjoying his fun personality portrayed on record and listening to his weed comments. He raps well, calls in some friends who also rap well, and made a dope ablum that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We all need a little time to relax in our lives, if smoking isn’t it for you maybe you can get high off the audio.

Buy This Ain't No Mixtape here.

For those of you who need something for free, here is a bootleg collection put out in support with mostly tracks you can find from the mixtapes along with a few random loose ones. Enjoy.

Download This Is A Mixtape.

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