Friday, December 3, 2010

One Time @ Bandcamp With... 80's Babies

I found Sonic Music early this year via the 80's Babies Bandcamp site. Like so much of what I download I didn't know anything about it, but after it came on in the shuffle a few times I knew I needed to get into it a little deeper. After just one listen I was shocked that this was an album being pushed through their site and by no other means that I'd seen. This is the beauty of Bandcamp and why I've been doing these reviews and interviews. Sure Kanye West may have made the ultimate pop document discussing the current state America has found itself in, but there are a lot of people with things to say, struggles to work out and thoughts to share. Tall Black and Dee Jackson are two of em and Sonic Music deserves your ears.

First up can you introduce yourselves? Who are you, what do yall do, how long yall been at it?
We’re a Chicago bases hip hop group named “ 80’s Babies” consisting of 2 memebers. Dee Jackson is the emcee, and Tall Black Guy is the producer. The groups been together over 4 years now.

Is this your first musical endeavor?
No, we released our debut album 80’s Babies LP in 08. T.B.G is a member of Pathfinders and they have a project out, and Dee Jackson has solo efforts previously released.

Are you guys born and raised in Chicago? What part?
Dee Jackson is born and raised on the south side then moved to the burbs. TBG is actually from Detroit but grew up in Chicagoland.

When did you know you wanted to rhyme/make beats?
Dee Jackson has been rhyming since 97 and TBG has always been a hiphop head, but starting making beats around 2001-02.

Are yall 80s babies? Or is it more about being in line with a sound from a different era?
We are both 80’s Babies, but it’s more about the golden era of hiphop.

How did Rookie films get invovled with yall? Are there more videos in the works?
We are fans of each other. We always loved what they’ve been doing and they have always enjoyed our work. So it was only right, plus those are the homies anyway. Technology video coming soon by Rookie Films.

When did you officially release the album?
Sonic Music was released on May 18,2010

How has the response been locally?
Very positive, lots of love from the home town

How often are you guys playing shows?
We perform on a weekly basis now. For booking hit up

Who are some artists that inspire you?
Nas, Common, The Roots, J Dilla, DJ Premeire, The Roots, Pete Rock, Mos Def, Slaughterhouse, Blu, Tribe, Lupe, and the list goes on…….

Who do you view as peers within the Chicago hip hop community? Is the scene supportive of each other or are cats all doing their own things?
Chicago hiphop scene is very segregated, but there are some talented cats that we have mutual love and respect for, such as The Pathfinders, Thaione Davis, Primeridian, Kazi the Blak, Yng Sin, K Sera, Allegra Dolores, Kenny Keys, Rashid Hadee, 1773, Fam Squad, Jelify, GQ the Teacha, Radius, Coolout Chris, Amina, Midflex, and many more. Chicago is in good hands.

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