Saturday, November 27, 2010

Currensy "The Jet Files"

This month has taken me on a whirlwind journey of Currensy’s career. I’ve heard pretty much all he has to offer and given you my thoughts on the tapes. Today it is his second official project and second of 2009, The Jet Files. While I can’t find any evidence that this was meant to be a collection of previously recorded songs it plays exactly like that. Their is no continuity between songs, these are just some jams from Spitta.

We saw him team up with Ced Hughes awhile ago and Ced comes back, this time on the production end for the lead off track “Dosier (In & Out)”, yes Currensy brought back the in and out’s for this project - probably adding to it’s overall mixtape like feel.

Whitey, an in house Amalgam Digital producer, does a chunk of the beats here. He is no Ski Beatz, not really even Monsta Beatz but his tracks knock with enough oomph to not quite bore you. He aims for a spacy vibe that may be more suited for Wiz than Spitta. Sledgren, Wiz homie on the beats, also comes through for the track “Sleepless in New Orleans” a bouncing tune where Currensy details his playing ways.

The ladies are, as usual, a heavy topic here. Whether it be talking about the buss down he kicks it tough with who rolls his trees, the girls who compliment his style, the ones who ride around with him in his vintage whips, or the one who let him go out and pick up a guest for the bedroom one evening he has stories for days about adventures with the fairer sex.

The Jet Files were intended to be a stop gap before Amalgam released Currensy’s “real” debut which never was. There aren’t bad songs here but they aren’t great either. Most everything makes me feel indifferent, Currensy’s likable personality and ability to make you relate to him regardless of how lavish a life he leads disappear here and you are left with another rapper leading a life you can only hear about on wax.

Completest's can purchase this here.

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