Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Groove Merchant Turns 20!

If vinyl and the bay area is mentioned in the same sentence you are probably gonna hear Amoeba not to shortly after. While I'm not gonna make a trip to SF without a stop there, a little shop known as Groove Merchant is where you will find the real gems while digging in the city.

I saw a pristine copy of Mecca & The Soul Brother in the stacks when I made my first visit. I proceeded to spend many hours, combing through racks, boring my girlfriend to death. I have never made it back to the shop, or the Bay for that matter but I think about the store often.

While GM became a destination spot for diggers over the last two decades, it's also seen two stellar labels be created out of it's confines: Luv N' Haight and Ubiquity. In celebration of the store, it's owner "Cool" Chris Veltri and Ubiquity are releasing a collection of tunes "from behind the counter." Purchase it here.

They've also created a Tumblr for the album where they have EVERY song up to stream along with some good information about each tune. The selections are as varied as you can imagine a seasoned collectors to be. It's good music all the way through. Here are a couple that grabbed me.

Rod Abernethy - Ron and Eddie Blues by Groove Merchant 20

September - Stump by Groove Merchant 20

Frankie Gee - Date with the Rain by Groove Merchant 20

Shouts to O-Dub for the heads up!

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