Monday, November 8, 2010

Tassnata "Between Planets"

Tassnata is a young emcee haling from Canada. While our Hip Hop counterparts to the north have never really seen the kind of success in the states that your average, nondescript rapper from the block can a few from the North have proven bars and flow aren’t just an American trait.

Tass wears his life on his sleeve. It’s what he knows and what he raps about. He discusses being broke, being abandoned by his family, growing up, traveling, having fun, and a whole lot more. Between Planets is a well rounded journey that will leave you satisfied and intrigued, questioning what he had to say and desiring to hear more.

I’ve had several friends vacation in Mexico this year, had even more say they wish they could visit the country. Tass makes a song about running away to the Southern country that is pretty funny and heartfelt, we all just want to get away every now and then. The beat features some guitar that is distinctly latin, if it’s a sample I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pulled from a record originating in Spain. It works regardless, with some heavier drums layered you won’t have any problem nodding your head or moving your feet to it with a lovely senorita.

Tassnata sounds like a dude who has gone through some shit in his life, yet he doesn’t dwell on anything overly negative - the true sign of someone who has overcome great adversity. You can hear the pain, but the hope is so much larger throughout this album. “You & Me” sees him rocking over a great Tone Mason beat discussing his love for the special lady in his life. People would be lucky to find someone to care about this thoroughly.

He calls on a few guests throughout the record. Detroit is present which is never a bad thing. Promise caught my ear last year rocking over some FlyLo production and just generally doing what it is 313 cats do with ease. He shows up here on “Remember” next to Black Milk, who needs no words of description. Addressing the past and their individual memories, they speak on the old vs. new worlds of Hip Hop but don’t close any doors on where it’s going. Appreciate the old and use it to grow into something greater.

Between Planets will keep you listening. Tass lacks nothing when it comes to the basics of emceeing. He has a captivating flow and writes about things place him solidly in the every man rap category. This isn’t a bad thing but it may not be the most popular of circles with the flood of this style of rhyme. If you’ve enjoyed Blu or Phonte, among the many others who have tried to perfect Slugs methods, Tassnata is someone who needs to be heard.

Listen and download below!

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