Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fact Magazine Mixes

Fact Magazine has received a lot of praise over the last year or two for being a consistent home for news about new music and music itself. Based in London, Fact tends to focus on the electronic sounds emerging from their city and other like minded ones throughout the world.

While you can get your music news anywhere Fact Mag also provides something exclusive: Twice weekly mixes. Mix number 200 should premiere on Monday sometime and while they keep them live for three weeks they also recently uploaded all past mixes onto their Mixcloud account.

That's just one mix you can find there from the founder of the label that Glass Candy calls home, Italians Do It Better. Dig deep you will find LHF, Space Dimension Controller, Prevelist, Four Tet, album of the year contender Guido, Brainfeeder Lone, a few different LuckyMe representers and the list could continue but I'll spare you the music nerd shock and awe.

I will mention that these mixes tend to feature exclusives, originals and rarities you aren't likely to find regardless of access or serious Google patience. If your Sunday afternoon was meant for relaxing with some new music put one of Fact's mix on stream and introduce yourself to something new, it's bound to happen. I'll leave you with a personal fav from Bass Clef.

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