Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Young Montana? x BTS Radio

Highed up at 3 AM... what to do? Give y'all some mind crushing beat shit to bang your heads to and wake up your room mates with! If you don't travel to the BTS hangout regularly to be treated to the latest mix from Mr. Meza's archives you are missing out on the glorious renaissance that has overtaken hip hop production in the last decade.

I was intrigued by what I read about Young Montana?, and after giving his mix a listen I'm certain his Alpha Pup signing was a wise move and I'm certainly gonna be keeping an ear to the web for more info on it's release. He drops quite an array of tunes from "Crooklyn Dodgers" to Jimmy Edgar's latest scorcher "Hot Raw Sex" along with some SV and Dilla, Hud Mo and some names I've never seen before... perhaps unsigned, unknown friends?

Download the mix and peep the tracklist here! And if you would like to get a little more familiar with the kid going by Young Montana? from England roll over to The Tape is Not Sticky for an interview and unreleased MP3 - the track "Hot Heathrr" from the BTS set.

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