Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow day: Video break!

While those of us here in Seattle act like the world has come to an end thanks to an early snow storm (word is this is the earliest we've gotten snow since '55... this winter is gonna be rugged) the rest of the world hasn't slowed down or taken a break. If you are like me and holed up in your spot for the day staying warm here are a couple heatrocks from the city of angels. Maybe they will warm you up.

Jay Rock's voice here is as menacing as can be. The song "Diary of a Broke Nigga" is light on happiness and heavy on the dark reality that is our economic times. While times are tough we shouldn't be unprepared for more acts of violence against our fellow man. This song isn't about sympathy, it's about despair.

If the modern day intelligent gangster rhetoric doesn't do it for ya there is always the other side of LA hip hop, honest everyman Blu. While far from discussing street politics, Blu also raps about life and the struggles humans deal with. Word is he is preparing his Warner Bros. debut No York and this may be the lead single. FlyLo on the beat!

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