Saturday, November 6, 2010

Ninja Tune Goodies

Celebrating your 20th anniversary must be rough. Ninja Tune has been celebrating with an assortment of releases. They are not slowing down as a label with a regular release schedule to attend to however. After first being convinced by Burial that there may be something to some of this electronic noise The Bug became one of my first points of reference. "Skeng" is heavy.

This new tune is on an all together different wavelength, but pairing with Hitomi is terrific for his music.

I also recently got hip to another group whose album the Ninja is about to release. Stateless is their name and the guitar riff in this was given to them by DJ Shadow himself. I'd love to know how you get to receive sample ideas from the sample master. If your intrigued by the video, watch this documentary. Modern visual art.

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