Thursday, September 16, 2010

Electronic Visuals

As I delve deeper and deeper into the abyss that is a vast assortment of electronic sub-genres I find stuff I like and stuff I dislike. Old ideas recycled and new ideas explored. One thing I love finding are visuals to these styles of music.

DAEDELUS - TIDAL WAVES UPRISING from StrangeLoop on Vimeo.

Music videos have always been an interesting medium. There have always been the artists who push the bounds with the visuals to their songs - but rarely was it an inspired separate piece of art. As the director's checks went up so to did their involvement in the artistic creation of a set of visuals ready to match a supremely dope tune.

None of these songs are my favorites of the moment but they certainly get me in the groove (this Mosca one has been, and will remain on repeat!) but what gets me is the images. With instrumental music the door is open to experiment and try things visually. The shit is fun to watch, isn't that what music videos were all about?

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