Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lace Cadence "Launchpad"

In the past Seattle has been notorious for motherfuckers who don't posse up. You look at Atlanta or all these other places where if you are from here I'm fucking with you period. That's not the case here but it's becoming the case here. You are seeing hella other artists at other artists shows, that didn’t used to happen."
-Lace Cadence. March 2, 2010

Cats are gonna hate and say people are riding for this cause it’s from the town. They are right. And it doesn’t matter. I’m not listening to anything that sounds like Launchpad right now and probably won’t be picking up anything in it’s vein after rocking the tape, but hey someone from my town makes something like this and it sounds dope? Why the hell wouldn’t I bump it.

Musically it’s pop R&B to me. I’m not hip to the genre today but it reminds me of Marques Houston, Omarion, The Dream, etc. The beats are all synths and lush keys, thumping drums and heavy bass lines. Vocally Lace occupies a space in between what’s been his method of delivery, rapping, and displaying a voice that has always been hinted at on his records but never fully flushed out.

On a track like “Moonlight” he really shows us his range and makes me believe that he can really sing. Content wise he is talking about love and relationships. A lot of different thoughts are expressed. Sex is often times the goal and I can just see the girls eating up a song like “Wet,” each and every one of them thinking they are being privately serenaded as they listen.

Lace is a hip hop head at the end of the day and he makes sure to give us them head nodding jams and I challenge even the hardest of your crew to not smile and nod his head to something here. It’s relate-able, it’s fun, it’s pop! And it was made in the Central District - watch for part two of my conversation.

The only guest on the project is Eighty4Fly and he might be the perfect rapper to be paired with Lace here. Fly is a rapper that is aiming to please a market larger than Seattle and that’s what Launchpad will hopefully do for Lace. KUBE DJ’s Hyphen and Mayor John Moore hosting and B-Mello mixing it are big endorsements that few in the town get.

Lace Cadence has recorded underground rap in Macklemore’s parents house and sat in the lab with DJ Quik. He’s made albums filled with talent that has never been heard. He’s made music his life and never looked back. Now he is on his “grown man shit” both musically and on the business front. Download the Launchpad and have some fun before summer is completely gone and everyone is dancing to these tunes inside the warm club.

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