Monday, September 6, 2010

Eighty4 Fly "The Eighty4 Fly Project"

Eighty4 Fly has a song on his new EP called “Sunset Blvd.” It features a slow beat that reminds me of Nelly’s “Dilemma” for some reason. On it he tells a story about kicking it with a chick, you can guess where. Eighty4 Fly is from Seattle but you wouldn’t know it. And it might just be the secret to coming success for another talented rapper out of the 206.

While everyone is making a big deal out of Pinder’s move to Atlanta, DJ’s and producers from the town have been leaving for greener pastures for years. But it’s not really about moving away but expanding your brand to new markets. You can have a home base in one city and connections to make other major markets feel like home. Eighty4 Fly seems to be working towards this goal.

His music is smooth, slick and refreshing. It sounds like commercial radio in some respects. Certainly seems to me like it could break the Clear Channel playlist before your favorite Champagne Champagne or Mash Hall track. His beat selection is in favor of airy knockers that float along, epitomized by “So Cool” a lead off track that features a great video courtesy of Jon Augustavo.

The EP opens with a thumper more directed at a harder audience but doesn’t push to far. “Hello Future” seems like his manifesto of sorts talking about what’s coming next (him) and he spits some braggadocios lines to make you believe he is just that bad ass. It works, his cockiness is conveyed with a dope flow over this beat that just begs to be blasted.

He closes The Eighty4 Fly Project out with a joint that features Nipsey Hussle. At first listen I didn’t dig the cut too much. I’m still a little disappointed by the beat. It’s cool but I want more bombast, within the context of the EP however it fits well and I can’t be mad at a dude making sure he has a complete package. As far as who gets who? Nipsey is a very talented rapper and technically I like his flow more, but I think Fly might have got him lyrically. Both of em are spitting bars - you’ll be playing this song for a minute.

In between there are six more cuts most of which posses synth heavy beats with serious bass knocks ready to set the club off. Eighty4 Fly spends most of the album talking about trying to scoop chicks and making money.

The Chemist cooks up half of the EP and you can’t be mad at any of his tracks. “The Flyest” might be his best, with its celebratory keys and stuttering drums it’s a cross between dirty south and Swizz Beatz style east coast club banger. This is Fly’s greatest asset, he can play to a lot of markets. His appeal is broad.

A lot of groups have tried to make a more accessible style of music in the town and few have really seen the kind of success the music implies. I have no crystal ball, but Eighty4 Fly is doing things the right way and if he keeps creating product like this he will do what he wants in his musical career.

Download the Eighty4 Fly Project here!

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