Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Enjoy With DJ House Shoes

J. Moore, DV One, Jake One & Vitamin D along with Members Only are bringing a new monthly to Seattle, Enjoy at Sole Repair. Inviting one national guest DJ to come to town and exercise their own creative control over the sounds of the evening, it's bound to be an island for connoisseurs of good music, good people and good times.

Enjoy kicks off this Thursday with DJ House Shoes, I snagged a couple minutes yesterday to pick his brain about a few things, read up, listen to "The Makings" (hands down one of the best songs of 2010, no question) and come out Thursday to hear some good tunes and experience something new.

MO: For those not knowing, who is DJ House Shoes?
DJ House Shoes: House Shoes is a DJ, a producer, an integral part of Detroit and its hip hop scene, and the Ambassador of ALL things Detroit has to offer.

MO: What was your introduction to the Detroit scene?
My introduction to Detroit hip hop is two-fold. Hearing Esham and Kaos and Mystro in 6th and 7th grade, finding that my city had strong musical offerings within the genre, and after I came out of high school seeing that there were places that these artist gathered in the city such as Stanley's Rhythm Kitchen, Mecca, and St. Andrews Hall.

MO: I heard the name came from you rockin in home shoes, is that still a commom occurrence?
Before my brief stint at Eastern Michigan University, my moms bought me a pair of grandaddy house shoes. Black leather w red plaid on the inside. Super comfortable. Wore them for the majority of 7-8 years. Retired them in 2001.

MO: Why Flying Lotus on the flip for Do Over Vol. 1? What was the interaction between the two of you during the making of those songs? Were you tryin to have a connection without collaborating outright?
Coincidence, actually. When the fellas from the Do-Over told me of their plans to launch a label, I submitted the Curtis flip. It was the first track they wanted to release. They soon after got the FlyLo joint to back it with.

MO: When did you make 'The Makings?' Did you know you wanted to flip those vocals for awhile, was it spur of the moment?
More than a few cats had already touched that Curtis joint, but when I came across it, I decided that it needed to be done with more of an edge. A few proper chops, and a heavy drum kit courtesy of Jack Dejohnette, and I knew I had something special. Much respect to Aloe, Jamie, and Chris for a beautifully produced final product, and a great introduction for me to vinyl supporters.

MO: What's the plan for Do Over Vol. 2?
Do-Over Vol. 2 will be split between MED and Rhettmatic on one side, and Free The Robots on the other.

MO: What will be playin in your ears on the trip to Seattle?
On my way to Seattle I will be listening to Knxwledge (Klipmode), Black Milk, Bilal, Quelle, FatAlbertEinstein, Dilla to name a few. Knxwledge has occupied my ears the most on the road in the last year.

MO: Let people that are clueless know what a coney is and who has the best in Detroit?
A Coney is basically the Detroit version of the chili dog. Without question, the greatest coney in the world resides at Lafayette coney island. I personally go with the loose burger, which is seasoned ground beef on a hot dog bun with chili, cheese and mustard. Shoes don't do onions.

MO: Have you ever searched Seattle for one?
I don't do coneys outside of the D, unless recommended by someone who used to live there


I have to say thanks to J. Moore and DJ Swervewon for helping me get the connection with Shoes. Johnathan Cunningham for some background info, and of course House Shoes himself for the time!

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