Monday, September 27, 2010

Luck One & Dekk "Beautiful Music"

Early last year a little known emcee from Portland Oregon emerged onto the blog circuit with an EP titled Beautiful Music. Produced entirely by Dekk the seven tracks found within show you who this young man is over stellar instrumentals that evolve as they play out - a trademark of any beat Luck selects.

While he is a self admitted beat freak he is also a very serious lyricist who refuses to waste even one breath. Having seen more than many of us will in a lifetime Luck One left prison after 5 years with a passion to move forward in a positive direction with his life and music. Don’t come into this project expecting tales from hood corners and Oz like memoirs, Beautiful Music is more reminiscent of that philosophy course students across the nation are sitting down in this month.

Opening with the awesomely bombastic “80s Back” celebrating the maturation of those of us who were born in the decade. Luck makes sure to shout out all the trends people have to look back on in confusion, and at the same time gets you hyped up and ready for more. The first time I saw dude live his set was opened with this cut and it provided him the opportunity to capture the crowds energy - we were locked on him for the duration of his set.

Illmaculate has made a name for himself nationally as an incredibly talented battle rapper. In Portland everyone knows his success, but it’s tempered by the fact that he is out their trying to prove himself as a well rounded emcee. Even though Luck was defeated by a 15 year old Illmaculate years ago, today they are peers and two of the more lyrically talented individuals from the 503. “Back At Long Last” and “Road To Destiny” are both more serious tracks towards the end of the EP, the former giving both emcees room to blow of frustrations and the later being the flip side of that coin as they show optimism and hope for their dreams to be reached.

Undoubtedly some have and always will hate. If you are gonna make a complaint about Luck One I would guess it relates to his vocabulary and the use of words some may not know. If that is the case for you good for Luck teaching you something and good for you for allowing what is viewed as entertainment to be more. Big words may be present in his bars but you can’t elevate anything listening to Wiz Khalifa all the time.

Content can be lost in exchange for any number of things in this biz, Luck One doesn’t compromise anything for his art. He makes music with a message that shouldn’t be forgotten. Thanks to the production by Dekk cats won’t be able to stop nodding their head to it and in the process Lucks words will flow into your mind. Whatever that opens you up to, it’s bound to be positive. How many rap albums today convey pure hope?

Download Beautiful Music here! And be watching here or any of your other favorite Hip Hop blogs for Luck's new EP True Theory Outtakes coming next week!

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