Saturday, September 11, 2010

Andre Benjamin Is...

What more can really be said about Andre Benjamin? Everyone has sung his praise the man he is one of the best and still relevant emcees and he hasn't dropped an album in four years. But every track that has come has been ridiculous.

So while his slick talking, pimp walking partner gets his much deserved shine I'm just gonna slide this little gem into the mix.

Produced by DJ Ideal (the website included in the comments is no longer active and I can't find any info on to make me think it's the same person? Someone solve this mystery!) this 42 track mixtape features a laundry list of classic Outkast jawns from their entire discography along with mixed in snippets of interviews Andre has conducted, giving you a peak into the man just a little more.

On top of the awesome mix here you also get these dope pictures produced I'm assuming for the album. By whom I once again can't confirm.

Download the mixtape and images here!

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