Friday, September 24, 2010

One Time @ Bandcamp With... The Paxtons

If you are unfamiliar with The Paxtons, peep the review I ran Monday, download the project and then give this here conversation we had via email your attention. Hailing from NYC by way of Chicago and DC this energetic duo rock many sets with a live band backing them, make beats and stay spitting them ill written.

MO: Can yall introduce yourselves, who you are what you do and how long you've been at it?
Chris & Dave, we rap and produce as The Paxtons. We’ve been working at our crafts for about ten years.

MO: Is the Paxtons your first musical endeavor?
No, we didn’t actually start creating music as The Paxtons until 2008, but those older records are under lock & key

MO: Born and raised in Chicago? If so what part? If not where?
Yes, we are both born and raised in Chicago, specifically the South Shore (amongst the likes of Naledge from KITH, Rhymefest & Kanye West).

MO: What inspired the move from Chicago to NYC? What part of NYC are y'all staying in?
The Paxtons movement actually began when we were living in DC prior to the New York move. We came out to the east coast for work after college in 2006 and started down this path shortly after. We currently live in East Harlem (Manhattan).

MO: Did you guys make the original beats on The Manhattan Project?
We produced "Bang Wit Us," "Living a Movie," "Interlude," "Money Right," "Curtains" and co-produced "What We Doin" with Brenmar.

MO: For a long time there has been much talk about NY falling off, not being what it once was. In the last few years NY and many other locals have popped up on the map thanks to the internet - what's the feel like of rap in the town that birthed it?
Simply put, J. Cole has the city on fire. After that, it’s everything coming out of the DD172/Creative Control camp.

MO: Who are you guys working with? Who would you like to be working with?
TeLuv out of LA, our band Sela & Oscar Wao out of Philly, XO from Diamond District out of DC, Vandalyzm & Rockwell Knuckles from The Force collective out of St. Louis, Sulaiman, Skech185 & Tomorrow Kings out of Chicago to name a few. As indie acts go we’d love to link with Dom Kennedy or Fly Union.

MO: How often are you going back to Chicago?
We’re headed to Chicago a few times in the next few months.

MO: Is music your job right now? Y'all have day jobs?
Outside of music, we operate a media consulting firm called Gold Standard Creative. All of our art, video, and online content is in-house. Need a website?

MO: With the internet providing instant and worldwide distribution what are you guys looking for, if anything, from a label?
Primarily we are looking for physical distribution.

MO: Is the name Rec Center familiar to Chicago natives?
Not to us!

MO: Have y'all heard any modern Hip Hop from Seattle?
Blue Scholars got some heat right now.

MO: What are you guys listening to?
We listen to everything old and new. To name a few: Steely Dan, Gil Scott Heron, Janelle Monae, Christian Rich, Big Boi, The Roots, Dom Kennedy, Eminem, NERD & Rick Ross

MO: Recording new material? Tour plans?
We’re a couple of songs into the follow up to TMP which will hopefully hit the net before the year is out. Looking to hit the road October through the remainder of 2010, even Seattle if you’ll have us!

MO: How do you approach the creation of an official album vs. the creation of a "mixtape"?
As producers, we honestly start with our own beats and let those dictate the musical direction of the project. In the case of TMP, we started out with Living a Movie and Bang Wit Us but when the Beamin instrumental dropped, it literally made the project do a 180. Once those verses were laid, it opened the door for tracks like Super Stupid and Champion. Tentatively speaking, the next project will feature all original production though.

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