Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Videos Galore!

Here are some ill visuals that have been flooding my eyes as of late.

I found Kuruption in a CD case while moving a few months ago. Always dug on Kurupt, don't know how this album slipped through my grasp. Too much dope music. Terrace Martin stays killin it!

If you haven't heard Album of the Year, go buy it. If you need more convincing than the above video, go read this.

I thought about not posting this as Hell Razah is not the greatest emcee, but he delivers an interesting message with this one and the video is shot nicely. #Thoughtprovokingmusic

Free is giving RSE another go for his forthcoming album Beautiful Music. Better still Jake is behind the boards for this lead off track. The Stim Pack is sitll gettin spins and they are coming with this kind of heat?! Damn!

And last but not least a song for the smokers. This jam has been out but I never blogged about it... one of my fav cuts of the year with an equally appealing video. Burn one!

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