Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tanya Morgan @ Columbia City Theater Tonight!!!!

Tanya Morgan is on the road to Seattle right now! If you are't at all familiar check out this great video giving you their story from meeting on the Okayplayer message board, to getting down with Phonte and Nicolay on the first Foreign Exchange album and on.

Their sophomore project, Brooklynati was released to high hopes and equal praise. It's a good record that should take Hip Hop fans back in time without making them feel as though they are listening to something old.

Almost all the beats are done by either official member Von Pea or unofficial crew producer Brick Beats and they are full of feel good samples, hard drums and enough funkiness to keep your head nodding.

If you are always complaining, wishing for the days of old for Hip Hop this is the group for you. They have a rep for a ridiculous live show, they are Dilla disciples to the end and they love this culture. Brooklynati will put a goofy happy smile on your face as you progress through the tracks and continue to be impressed and inspired by the feel good vibes that so few rap groups choose to convey with their music today.

The trio of Von Pea, Don Will & Ilyas comprise the group Tanya Morgan. They are a dope rap group that has always put their creativity to the test. Producing a new album wasn't enough, they also conceptualized what would have to be any Hip Hop lovers dream city - Brooklynati. Check out the site and get a peak in to the minds of some creative individuals.

Their music is readily available online and their official projects should be in stores in the town. Come out to Columbia City Theater to experience a show Seattle has never seen before from a crew no one is ready for.

If you aren't sold they do have a couple projects you can peep for free:

Tanya Morgan is A Rap Group mixed by DJ Soul

Sunlighting - the first project from the trio put together via trading sessions over the internet.

Free music from creative individuals who are here for one day to rock the town?! Whats not to like! Get these projects downloading and get yourself familiar before the show tonight!

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