Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Best of Quantic

If I were to stop my current stint of creative A.D.D. and focus soley on music production, I would want to emulate Quantic. He epitomizes everything I love about fusing genres, blurring the lines between vintage/retro and contemporary and incorporating live instrumentation...helping me discover a zen-like space between my ears that often washes away any stress or day to day nonsense. His music is theraputic and mellow on the surface, yet intricate and somewhat complex in terms of composition.

Here is a perfect example of Quantic's amazing work for your listening pleasure... A 'Best of' mix compiled and mixed by Jeremy Sole to prepare you for his latest release 'Flowering Inferno.'

Lo Mejor y Sabor de Quantic (by Jeremy Sole) by Tru Thoughts

Via: Wax Poetics

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