Monday, August 2, 2010

Rick Ross is actually a good rapper (And Kanye is still pretty amazing)!

So I had been hearing more and more about the new Rick Ross record "Teflon Don" so I ended up giving it a listen and I have got to say I am really impressed. I was afraid of another cornball Mafioso Rap retread as the last Rawse album I paid attention to was his much hyped debut "Port of Miami" which was just that. Since then he has released a couple more records and was exposed as a former Corrections Officer during the biggest Bodying ever, via "King of Beef" 50 Cent. At that point any notion that Rick Ross would ever be taken seriously was destroyed, or so I thought. "Teflon Don" is a huge step up from any previous material he has released, its like he took his lumps and learned from them, who knew?

Here's the song I play the most the Kanye produced/featured "Live Fast, Die Young" a song where Ross goes hard over a very "busy" Kanye beat.

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