Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Skybourne Rangers

Curren$y has a good thing going right now. Weed rap has taken over the internet and legions of stoners are sitting behind their desk's geeking out over name brand strains and paper planes. Pilot Talk is still getting regular spins and Smoke DZA's filthy free tape George Kush the Button is in constant rotation.

Dame Dash brought together some talented individuals for his latest endeavor and it seems to be paying off. The internet has been hyped on the potential for Jay Electronica and Mos Def to be doing songs together and the inclusion of Curren$y in their team has some heads talking shit and some that much more amped. "The Day" is proof that they are in fact in the lab, but I'm skeptical of a full project ever seeing realization.

Mos Def's legendary status and artistic desires will him to create what he feels, they also allow him to indulge in whatever it is he sees fit. While he may be stoked on Jay and Spitta, at the end of the day he has nothing left to prove so why bother pairing with some younger cats that are only gonna put you to the test everyday. As fans we would love that shit. But is this old man really interested in working like that anymore? I think not.

Big K.R.I.T. is another new voice emerging from the South, the M - I crooked letter state to be exact. While he isn't in the same vein as DZA or Spitta, he does elevate your mind with his rhymes and dedicates little time to the weed talk, his deep voice and buttery flow are irresistible.

These three have appeared on 3 songs together that have been released. The first was from K.R.I.T. Wuz Here entitled "No Wheaties." The second was found on Pilot Talk called "Skybourne" and the most recent, and perhaps the smoothest, is "Etc, Etc" from DZA's latest offering.

Together these three are unfukwitable. Three up and comers all looking for their spot atop the thrown. Their drive to win has propelled them to the cusp of success. The question is what will push the over the top. Curren$y and DZA's love for the giggly bush will never suffice should they like to see real paper from the business. K.R.I.T. could probably do alright on the underground circuit, touring his ass off for the next decade and making a living.

Enter the Skybourne Rangers. Spitta, DZA & Krit unified for one mission: total domination of the rap game. Stop hoping and praying that Mos Def and Jay Elec are gonna get in the lab for a project with dude. How many records have they released in the last 5 years? How many has Curren$y got under his belt? Dude is driven and teaming with cats that have proven to be of the same mindset will only allow them to be inspired off each other - never stifled.

If you aren't hip to the biz on the Rangers I've compiled their three tracks into a nice little folder for your downloading pleasure. I've used a live recording of "Skybourne" so as to avoid any legal repercussions - it features a live band and certainly does nothing to take away from what these three can do together. Enjoy and download here!

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