Thursday, August 26, 2010

206 Summer Heat Mix by DJ Daps1

Summertime in Seattle is a special season. We don't see the sun but for a few months so when it hits it's time to live it up and have good time. Cracking brews on the beach, smoking blunts in the park, being out with the homies and generally just living life and causing a ruckus. If this sounds about right for you and yours download this funky Sea-Hop mix courtesy of DJ Daps1 and get a soundtrack for your antics.

Keeping things mellow this tape features a good variety of raps from the town. He includes one of my all time favorite summer jams in "Summertime" from Grynch and Geologic - me and my girl Caroline kept that in constant rotation when My Second Wind dropped. I had forgotten about The Physics and Khingz joining the Scholars for that "Town Talk" and how about the awesome "Summer's Here" featuring Ab Creole, Krispy & Nam - is this an early Hi-Life demo?

Daps keeps the mixing succinct and shows off his love for the 6, he pulls from all eras of Seattle Hip Hop proving that this towns current renaissance is no fluke.

Download DJ Daps1 206 Summer Heat Mix here!

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