Thursday, March 25, 2010

SOTA drops the RemixTape!

To help the SOTA crew score points in the Fiesta Movement they are releasing their mixtape via text message. ITS FREE, here’s how it works:

#1 TEXT “SEACAL” to 44144 and you will receive the password to DL the mixtape.


Since last summer’s “Shapeshifters” mixtape, State of the Artist (SOTA) has been steadily bulding their reputation as a young trio of emcees worth paying attention to. Having released several mixtapes over their 3 year existence as a group and forming an alliance with LA production powerhouse The Ski Team it was time to let the people have a glimpse at what an all original produced SOTA project might sound like.

The Ski Team is a group of producers from Los Angeles who have worked with artists all over the country. Most recently, they’ve placed a song on the TV Show Gossip Girl (Hollywood Holt – “Brains”) and have had a new video created to their song with Dom Kennedy and Dude Royal (“Don’t Go: The Remix”). Other artists they have worked with include Freddie Gibbs, Chip Tha Ripper and U-N-I.

While this is a remix project, SOTA being the creative individuals that they are took the time to lay down a brand new original track to close out this freely distributed tape. A moody, Pete Rock esque jam “New World Crime” features a Gil Scott-Heron sample that spoke to the boys and may be their best track yet. State of the Artist and Ski Team will continue to work together and this track should prove they need to. Be on the lookout for Ski Team contributions to State of the Artist’s upcoming full length debut SeattleCaliFragalisticExtraHellaDopeness.

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