Thursday, March 25, 2010

Late Birthday Gift

Since we haven't thrown this up yet, and it does NEED to be thrown up. I'll be number 300 to hit you with it. On Monday March 22nd Seattle legend Vitamin D celebrated his birthday. If you don't know Vita then find another blog to read, this shit aint for you.

I'm not sure quite how, but this year Vita's birthday seemed to hold endless presents for the town as a whole. He held his party at Members Only's very own Jet Set (Monday nights at the Capitol Club) with a special performance from Dap Confuser bred and Metal Chocolates bound O.C. Notes and Rik Rude. To everyone's surprise (including ours) he treated us all to a special freestyle session with Otis on the boards before taking control of the wheels himself. Then pulling a move only one with true clout could pull, he coaxed 206 mayor J. Moore to grace the mic. Maybe the first time Ive seen this happen in an impromptu situation like this.

All that withstanding, the best gift Vita gave us this year for his birthday was the Bornday EP I'm not gonna go into trying to describe how filthy this shit is. I'm not nearly a good enough writer, and I think my dude Larry already did it justice over at Raindrop Hustla. Anyways you guys are big kids, make your own opinions. Just dont miss out on this album.

Vitamin D - Born Day EP

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