Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dibiase Carries a Torch

Sitting here relaxing I let my mind flow listening to Dibiase rock out for this "Return of The Sludge" mix he dropped for BTS Radio. I'm vaguely familiar with the show, it's always been a presence in the LA beat scene and Mr. Meza regularly seems to drop features with a number of the cats at the forefront while keeping his ears to the street.

From what I can gather Dibiase is a long time beat maker and student of the art. His passion appears to be a pure driving factor to pushing his music. And listening to this mix it's clear that he should have been getting the support to release his music long ago. It's happening today and for that we have to rejoice!

And we also have "Return to the Sludge." Free. A mix of mostly what appears to be random cuts from CDR's in Dibiase's archieve. Knowing how some artists put in work I wouldn't be surised if we could get "Back to The Sludge" Vol. 10 at some point and stil not be scratching the surface of dudes hard drive.

The beats here border on the dubby electro bent that much of the Brainfeeder collective (of which he isn't an offical part) demonstrates, yet definetly stays in a decidedly Hip Hop lane. There is no doubt left when hearing the drums here that Dibiase grew up on anyone but Pete Rock, Marly Marl, DJ Premeir, et. al.

Sometimes he lets the fuzz get heavy and wrap around your mind kinda like the haze hanging in the room. He grabs vocal samples, chops shit to pieces. Fully embraces the glitch and puts on a few fellow travlers in beats.

Some tracks feature emcees. Selfish appears on "Chameleon" and it's awesome like some vintage LA, post gangsta, kicking it in the sun vibe. This is a relaxing type beat. That's what Dibiase does, he makes some shit for you to vibe with. Any head is gonna knod their head in appriciation when this comes on. The dusty grimey goodness will only provide them with the perfect backdrop to imagine their favorite emcee rocking on.

Put this on while in between dimensions of sleep and let it sink into your cerebellum. This shit is heavy. Even when it's not. Houseshoes let's Curtis sing in chops on one of the best songs of 2010 and Dibiase closes the mix with said jam - "The Makings" - these are the makings of a future with powerful Hip Hop once again. Producers are leading the new generation of talent and borders are no more. Let the sounds speak to you.

Get the mix here!

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