Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If You Aren't Hip Yet

So if you aren't hip to foursquare yet here is your chance. Foursquare is essentially like twitter meets yelp in the form of a game.

"The Basics"

You "checkin" wherever you go using an app on your phone or, if you are on a broke ass phone plan like I am, a SMS text. This lets everyone who is your friend on foursquare (or Twitter or Facebook) that you are at such and such place. I'm sure it you are a twitter user you have noticed an influx of foursquare checkins.

"The Points" or "The Real Reason I'm Into This Shit"

So each checkin you get a certain number of points which at this point in time don't translate to anything but are soon to be redeemable for something (new service, they are still growing, give em a break). In addition there are these things called "badges" that are kind of like XBOX achievement points that you get for going certain places and doing certain things such as getting a douchebag badge for going to douchey places. Lastly what makes foursquare pretty awesome is the Mayor feature. Whoever checks in the most at a certain place becomes the Mayor, and it actually has its perks. A bunch of places around town offer specials for their Mayor like free coffee, cheap drinks and free french fries.

WARNING: Foursquare is super addictive and if you don't want another social media vice don't fuck with it.

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