Monday, March 29, 2010

Something from Detroit

I'm steadily learning more about various electronic sounds and styles but one thing I've always known is that if it's funky Detroit has probably made it at some point. Allow me to introduce 18 year old Kyle Hall. Just vibe out to this remix first.

Smooth, sexy, funky and fresh with enough synths to keep everyone smiling. This kid is 18 and already has a who's who of the European electro labels adding him to their release schedules. Hyperdub is at the forefront of the underground electronic music world, starting as a label focusing on the burgeoning dubstep scene at the time and today going across the world putting on sounds that represent the future as Kode9 hears it.

Grabbing Kyle Hall for the above remix (found on the B-Side of the Darkstar 12 for "Aidy's Girl is a Computer") Hyperdub has known that Hall was someone worth investing in. With the release of his 12 for them this past week he has caught the ear of bloggers and music fans for making some awesome dance music that doesn't seem to know borders.

In a review on Little White Earbuds the writer made a point that while Hall has been mentored by some of Detroit's best he has also had the luxury of the internet providing him with a limitless musical library and education. As the younger generations grow up and become musicians of their own expect to see less specific genre tied tunes and a more open approach to combining sounds, playing around, experimenting. Kyle Hall does it to great effect and shows that while Detroit may be the grimey 313 we all know and love it's also a forward thinking scene musically across the board.

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