Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Helladope, So It's Not Just a Clever Name

We are just a couple days away yall, this show is going to be CRACK. I have been looking forward to this album dropping for a minute now and it is almost upon us, I'm trembling in anticipation.

The first time I saw Jerm perform at Nectar it was truly a memorable Friday Night in June 2007. I was maybe 5 shows deep into promoting and the bill was Grieves and Type on top, Project Mayhem (consisting of Alpha P, Mind Movers, Elephaders, Audio Poet and 3rd Child all doing short sets) and Rudy and the Rhetoric as openers.

I did my awesome stand up comedy, honestly probably my best set ever, containing a joke about how Justin Timberlake made any pussy feel like he could beat box. I had never seen AP and 3C before and had no idea they were into beat boxing, so of course there were some salty feelings. I believe the quote was "Hey, Big Man, we're those assholes you were joking about, dick!".

The night went off well we had about 300 folks, back in the day when that was good for Nectar on a Friday, everybody cleared out except for the artists and then all hell broke loose. I was getting the payout from Ken and a we heard a bunch yelling from downstairs. We hauled ass downstairs and Alison the Assistant Bar Manager pointed at Jerm and said, "He stole a bottle of Vodka!", Jerm holding the bottle said, "I didn't steal shit bitch." I didn't know Jerm at this point and thought the situation was amazing, this dude caught red handed, literally holding the bottle he was accused of stealing straight denies it, GANGSTER.

So Jerm ended up giving the bottle back and leaving, I was thinking wow, Alpha P isn't gonna be able to play at Nectar again, but luckily I was wrong. Ken being the consummate professional he is just asked for Jerm to come apologize, Jerm did, and the rest is history.

Also on the bill: Mash Hall, our boys SOTA, Candidt and Dev. Get there early and get a free cd yall.


  1. no homo? you're better than that son, drop the bigotry

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  3. i think you mean tongue IN cheek.

    promoting thee satisfaction in one post and then dropping that ignorant shit in another lacks congruity, no?

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  5. I need to remember that people don't know me and my stance on the phrase no homo when writing blog entries. Thank you for setting me straight.