Sunday, April 4, 2010

Speak No Evil

My Guy and Mash Hall known associate Ronny Voice has more than just a move to Seattle hidden up his French cuffed sleeves. Symbolically on the same day Jesus is said to have risen from the dead so too rises Mash Hall's Ronnie Voice's new free sampler Filipino Like A Muthafucka Aww Damn! I personally love this guy Ronnie. His voice is like no other and his spits' stainless steal solid and shiny at the same time. Lyrically Ronnie's more concerned with having fun and getting bitches than he is with with winning a Noble Peace Prize, but what the fuck, sometimes you just gotta get dumb and have fun. And good lord, who better to set this shindig off than Mash Hall's own BlesOne, hands down one of the best party startin producers the town has to offer. To make a long story short, Download this shit and give it a spin in a clean T-shirt, with a cup full of whiskey, on your way to the club!

Ronnie Voice - Filipino Like A Muthafucka Aww Damn!

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