Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In The Darkest Hour

Its shit like this that makes me happy to be where I am. Put aside for a minute that Onry is an absolute legend in the Seattle hip hop game. Put aside the fact, that with the inclusion of Chicago based instrumental assasin Zavala this is one of those interstate connections that make a hip hop project so fun. Even put aside the fact that Vessel is clearly one of the best local releases of the year and that Dark Time Sunshine is, as Champagne Champagne's Sir Thomas Grey say "One of my favorite artists doing it in the town right now". Set all that aside and just look at this line up!

The night is being dj'ed by Members Only's DJ Swervewon, and opened by Olypia's Night Fox who I am absolutely stoked to see. From what I've gathered, this is a female production and rap duo that look like they can absolutely tear a party down. Filling out the bill is our family Helladope and Mash Hall... Nuf said. We're not done yet. Attendees will also be treated to a 45 minute set from Seattle's current Brightest star and Rhymesayers roster artist Jake One. And all that before the headliner even takes the stage!! If youre not sold at this point, pack your bags, cause this town aint got shit for you. Old, young, hater, stan whatever get your ass to Neumos on Friday night, so you dont have to read about it in the paper next week. Oh and for the ladies, this night will be hosted by former Saturday Knight, Tilson, who rumor has it is working on a Members Only project of his own... but thats just what I heard somewhere.

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  1. You fucking love to quote Thomas. In real life and online. Does it make him as uncomfortable as it makes me?