Friday, June 4, 2010

Members Only Recommends: The Honeymoon Tour Tonight at The High Dive

Jeff Tune is a man I consider a friend. He helped me a lot when I was first breaking in to the Seattle scene and continues to advise me in this new stage of my music career. He is loyal, funny, confident, and makes me less self-conscious about being bald. His music has always been entertaining and as of late actually good. "Amateur Hour" ranks among my favorite Seattle LPs ever due to the biting satire and reckless abandon shown on every song. I have seen him perform dozens of times, with Grieves, Solo, and with :shudders: The Let Go and I am still excited for his show tonight.

He has written songs about his past relationship with an escort, his affinity for the Lusty Lady, his penis size, taking a shit, fucking trannies, and just about any other cringe worthy topic you wouldn't want your Mother/Girlfriend/Wife to hear.

This is why last year when the man known as Type told me he was getting married I was a bit floored. Typecast getting married?!?!? Can't be. Who would marry this VD infected shit bag that we all know and love?

Her name is Erica and she is the best thing to ever happen to my buddy Jeff and I am excited to send them off on their Honeymoon Tour tonight at the High Dive.

Also on the bill is my Rush Housemate Griff J, moody spit kicker Sadistik, and a newcomer from the Norf End (shout out to Fridgington)by the Name of Steph.

It's $7, it will be fun, just go to it.

This Show is Members Approved

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